THE NEW HEAVYWEIGHT is manufactured and offered by DFYNT, a streetwear brand in southern California. While DFYNT has been around since 2006, we on the other hand bring over four decades of knowledge and experience in the tee shirt business from manufacturing to distribution.
Did you know that basic tees are the most difficult clothing item to perfect?  We don't all wear the same style of clothing, but we all need simple, basic tees.  Yet all of our tastes are different in this most basic clothing item; from the feel of the fabric to how it fits, how it's sewn, etc, etc.  Via DFYNT we've experimented countless times with some of the most funky and intricate designs in this space - check out our kung fu stuff, hybrid shirt jacket and carpenter pants - but tees are a different animal.  So rather than trying to "perfect" a tee for all, we set out to make the heaviest tee in the world instead.
It may not be for everybody but if you know, you know.